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Baby Proofing Your Home – Essential Tips

Your little bundle of joy is growing before up your eyes. One minute they are content to lay around in a rocker all day, next minute they are on the move. Their new found independence brings with it a requirement to baby-proof your house. You’ll be amazed at what grabs their attention and what they can get their little hands onto, or into. If you have no idea where to start, take a look at these safety tips to get your house into gear.

Get Down Low

The first thing you should do is get onto the floor. Whilst you may feel a little stupid, crouch down low and even crawl around. What is at your eye level? What can you reach? What looks exciting? What can you open or access without much effort at all?
Keep a close eye out for small objects, ornaments, coins and even paperclips that may have been dropped under furniture. If you have other children, their small toys could be the perfect size to pop into your child’s mouth so make sure there are none laying around.
That exercise in itself will identify a number of potential hazards, and in many cases it may just be a matter of lifting things to higher ground.

Cupboards & Drawers

Not only should you attach safety latches to all drawers and cupboards in reach, but particularly those in the kitchen that house sharp objects and cleaning products.
Tip: If you find that your baby just loves the kitchen, empty a bottom drawer in the kitchen and make it its own. Fill it with plastic cups, containers and anything else that they can access safely. It will be their drawer and a safe place for them to entertain themselves.


Babies are very adventurous so it is essential that all power point sockets are secured with plug covers. You should be able to find little plastic insets you’re your local hardware shop. They will prevent objects from being poked into a potentially live current.


Television, lamp and blind/curtain cords are not always easy to take out of the equation. However they do pose a risk so it is well worth doing your best to at least tidy up and raise things onto higher benchtops or ledges where possible.
Tip: You needn’t spend a fortune. An alternative is to use duct tape to cover outlets, keep cabinets closed and even secure cords high up out of reach.

Sharp Corners

Tables, chairs, benchtops and other furniture are rarely made with soft, rounded corners. The sharp edge is always the place a child will bang their little head on or fall into. Whilst you cannot cover your home in cotton wool, if possible, do a little rearranging to at least limit the potential hazards, and you can always place little foam strips on some edges. Just for the short term.

Your pet’s food bowls and litter tray will be a target. The best bet is to either cordon their area off, or move the items to another area in the home, such as a laundry where access is limited or at least monitored.

Baby proofing your home will need to be an ongoing exercise. Once your child has mastered crawling, they will start pulling themselves up onto furniture so that adds another dimension to the whole safety aspect. It means we just need to be on our toes and you’ll soon get a feel for what interests them most. Every child is different. Our little babies are cunning little creatures, but that is what makes them so adorable and the reason we want to keep them as safe as we can.


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