3 Bad Social Habits That Make You UnhappyPersonality 

3 Bad Social Habits That Make You Unhappy

Humans are not perfect. They have shortcomings, they make mistakes.

To err is human.

But the happiness that some achieve sometimes in their life is definitely perfect. The way to this happiness is lit by the courage to overcome bad habits that cause unhappiness in our life. Society confronts us with some of the greatest advantages and disadvantages as humans. We’re protected, but we’re bound. We’re loved, but we’re forced to be like our lovers. This kind of restrictions makes some sensitive souls uneasy to the extent that they gradually become depressed.

There is no rule to a good life. There are thousands, may be millions, may be even more. It’s you who knows which rule works for you. Here, however, I attempt to enumerate some of the most common social habits that cause unhappiness in people. May be realizing their role works towards the improvement of your own life.

Here we go:

Social Habit 1. Complaints and Lamentations

Weak people complain all the time. And this makes them even weaker without their realizing it. Others may listen to your complaints and laments sympathetically, but all you want them to know is that you’re weak and miserable. You convey the message of your unhappiness to society, which is proverbially populated faster than speed of light. Is that what you really mean when you complain? If not, stop complaining.

Social Habit 2. Efforts to Make Everyone Happy

Is there anyone who’s presence makes you feel the most special person on earth? Definitely there will be someone so kind and loving in your life as well, or will soon come. But what if that person, that lover and benefactor, makes your enemies feel just as special, too?

Everyone doubts the one who is constantly trying to please everyone without the slightest discrimination. Again we’re humans. We have likes and dislikes. We all love and hate. We have prejudices. It’s not a secret that you’re supposed to preserve. It’s fake. Everyone can’t be your beloved.

Social Habit 3. Seeking Attention and Compliments

The greatest of psychological truths is that you make people believe what you believe about yourself. If you think you’re amazing, your humblest conversations, subtlest body language expressions, and most invisible impressions will force people to make such profile of you in their minds. If you think you’re a moron, you will gradually lead people to ignore the most intelligent achievements of your mind. So, better compliment on yourself. Seek your own attention. Love yourself so that you also attain that by-product called social attention.

Keep smiling. Keep loving everyone, most of all yourself. Happy social life!

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